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Live in the 8th Wonder of the World

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Why Buy Property in Dubai ?

Luxury Lifestyle - Tax Free living- Capital Growth - Freehold Ownership - Residence Visa!

Details of what makes Dubai such a fantastic place to live and own property will become apparent as you read the different sections of this website.

The key points

  • Preserve your wealth and make more.
  • No personal income or capital gains tax.
  • Western lifestyle, not a tax exile.

Only the best in Dubai

Dubai has managed to take the best elements of countries throughout the world and create a hybrid living environment with none of the downsides such as violent crime and pollution and all of the advantages of a modern cosmopolitan city.

The Investment opportunity of a lifetime

In May 2002 Dubai entered into a period of rapid expansion in the retail property market which was sparked by the government's announcement that Dubai would be the first place in the Middle East to offer freehold ownership to expatriates. Following the 2008 world economic downturn property prices dropped in Dubai by 40 to 50% yet all the elements above that made Dubai such a great place to be have remained and grown better. All through the downturn the Dubai Government continued to complete the infrastructure necessary for a modern city to thrive. Roads, public transport, fresh water plants, sewage treatment plants and electrical substations have all been completed. This is your chance to buy or rent a property on the one and only Palm Jumeirah in Dubai while prices are at 2004 levels and well below those of other comparable international cities.

All your questions answered

This website will tell you about the best projects and help you to secure your dream home or investment in the sun. We only list premium properties on the Palm Island Jumeirah in Dubai that we own or have exclusive management of. My fifteen years of experience and local knowledge gained while living here in Dubai lead me to believe that Palm Jumeirah properties will offer the best capital gains, the best rental income and the best place to ultimately live whether you are buying or renting.

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